Pride (A force for Good or the Original Sin?)
Constructed from found images of gay couples since the Victorian era; the final construct looks at the conflict of Pride in the modern world - the original sin or a force for change... Gay Pride, Black Pride, self-esteem etc
After the Orlando terror attack, this seems all the more pertinent...
Avarice was inspired by Casino, the wonderful portrayal of greed, corruption and 70s chic, the eternal punishment od being submerged in boiling oil, and of course the wonderful Saul Bass.
Envy was inspired by the fairy tale Snow White, with the envious Queen and her magic mirror the starting point. The huntsman dragging the child to the woods and the punishment of being submerged in frozen water for eternity were the other inspirations.
Lust, inspired by the wonderful mesmerising film 'Under the Skin', uses images from the movie: the husks of skin, the hard cocks that are the embodiment of 'Lust', and the fire of eternal damnation that awaits the sinners...
The perfect representation of Wrath in film is of course the Bride in Tarantino's Kill Bill, and the punishment of dismemberment alive chimes nicely with the visceral depictions of martial art sword fighting in the movie.
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